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"We require a photograph of a haddock on a plate and should be glad if you would let us have one 10ins. by 8ins."

Punch: Awkward Clients

"He ripped apart convention and created a startling run of mixed media images"

Dave McKean: 9 Lives

"Illustrations based on colour, texture, silhouette and pattern for stationery, publishing and advertising clients around the world."

Catherine Aguilar: New Portfolio

"Commissioned by The World Corporation, Japan via Cross World Connections: brand identity image."

Andrew Bylo: New Work

"Collage is a juxtoposition of different elements to create a new whole & in many ways so is the combination of influences to create something new."

Paul Bateman: Inspirations

A huge undercover area set out as a marketplace with illustrators and their stalls.

Illustrators Fair: Event